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Crypto Wallet & Exchange

The only Digital Wallet you need

Any other online crypto wallet may allow only a couple of functions. So do not ask yourself if you need a crypto exchange wallet and rather opt for Nebeus digital wallet that allows you to handle all major transactions with a single log in.

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Integrated Exchange

Buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly from your wallet. Easy to set up, secure and confidential – our wallet stores 98%

of digital assets in cold storage ready to be exchanged or transferred when you need them.

Bitcoin (BTC)
⇣ 10.279,88
22 Oct
⇡ 11.128,43
Ethereum (ETH)
⇣ 319,87
22 Oct
⇡ 336,54

Easily send and receive crypto

Our Digital Wallet is designed with you – the customer – in mind and is much more than a simple CRYPTO wallet. Use is digitally to pay person-to person, quickly add and exchange your CRYPTO, transfer funds to your card for added flexibility – all with simplicity and security Nebeus is trusted to provide.

Free instant transfer between Nebeus users

Ever need to quickly pay a bill or help out a friend or relative – our QuickPay feature makes it possible. And it’s FREE. Quickly and securely make person-to-person transfers to anyone who is a part of the Nebeus network.

Speed and lowest fee for outside payments

Without sacrificing the security of your wallet, we have made the process of replenishing your CRYPTO funds faster with only 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin and Ethereum network to replenish your account.

Additional user transaction protection

Here at Nebeus, the protection of our customers’ assets and transactions is our top priority. So to safeguard the process further while still allowing the ease of use, we have two-factor transaction confirmation. All transactions must be validated with a single-use pin code.

How to withdraw / transfer in £ or $

Nebeus now supports Pound and Dollar currencies in addition to Euros to give our customers more flexibility. While loans and the interest earned on crypto in your Savings are provided in Euros you can transfer Euros to a card in Pounds or Dollars if you wish. Once your wallet account is credited with either loan amount approved or interest earned and you are ready to transfer it to a Master card registered on Nebeus platform, you will have an option to select £ or $ and it will be immediately converted and sent to the card. It’s that simple.

Use your wallet as usual – Pay, Store, Exchange, Earn and Borrow

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