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Earn solid returns

All loans are collateralized by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether

4 reasons for Nebeus
fixed income investments

Diversified loans

Start funding loans for borrowers from all over the world


High interest rates

Nebeus collateral loans avoid the loss of capital with high interest rates

6.85% - 8.25%

Flexible terms

Choose from a variety of loan terms

3 - 36 Months

Increase income

We charge 0% fees to lenders, giving you the possibility to keep all returns from your fixed income investments


Calculate your earnings

Deposit amount 5,000$
Maturity Value 5,150$
Annual Rate 6.85%
For clarification, please contact Customer support
47.78 Total Earned
24 Tokens Bonus

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Release the upside from your Bitcoin. Use your crypto as collateral to get a loan.

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Get profit

7.68% expected return

Most of the banks produce inferior returns due to the current interest rate environment without even covering the inflation.

Keep solid returns on you investments in small loans. Investing $10,000 today, your return raise up to $2,564 after 3 years.

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