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I’m saving for a down-payment on a flat and looked at all the usual high-street banks and building societies but interest rates on savings aren’t very good at the moment. Then I got a notification from Nebeus telling me about Sequoia, its flexible savings account. 8.25%! You don’t get that anywhere else.


My brother, who lives in the U.S. became unwell and was struggling to pay his bills, Knowing that I had some Crypto stored in my Nebeus account, I borrowed cash against its value and was able to send it to him in minutes. Now he can concentrate on recovering without money worries.


I was made redundant recently so money’s been a bit tight. I had an interview for a job but I needed a suit. So, I turned to Nebeus for a temporary loan. It was so easy. I entered how much I wanted to borrow and minutes later it was in my bank account. I got the suit. I got the job too.

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