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Get a loan, open a high yield savings account, exchange, transfer and much more


Top Up your account from your Debit or Credit card. Add EUR, GBP or USD directly to your Nebeus account to BUY CRYPTO or make a LOAN PAYMENT.

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since 2014

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Get a secure Bitcoin or Etherum backed loan in minutes

We offer 2 types of fast and secure Loans

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Nebeus now allows money withdrawals in £ and $ along with €

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up to 80%
up to 80%
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How it works

Apply for your loan in a few simple steps

Put your crypto to work for you in just a few simple steps. Get cryptocurrency-backed loan with one of the lowest interest rates on the market, open a high yield savings account and receive up to 8.25% returns deposited to your account monthly, or exchange and transfer money through your secure Nebeus wallet.

Open an account

Complete our easy online application. It takes 2 minutes and there is no paperwork required.

Crypto Savings accounts

Start saving with equivalent 0.06 BTC or 0.3 ETH and fixed interest rate 8.25%.

Withdraw loan or income

We deposit your loan or interest income right into your Nebeus account in BTC, ETH or EUR.

Crypto-Backed Loans

Min loan amount from 0.006 BTC or 0.3 ETH,  Loan to value up to 80%.

How we work

How do we create amazing products

Nebeus transcends a typical definition of a crypto bank by evolving over the last 6 years into an integrated customer oriented financial platform serving our clients’ needs in several high demand categories. Started as a European Fintech company, today Nebeus successfully merges its crypto friendly lending platform with a number of additional services that allow customers to take full advantage of existing digital banking opportunities.

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Crypto savings accounts, Bitcoin Loans, Ethereum loans

Founded in 2014, today Nebeus offers its customers a variety of trusted financial services that allow them to unleash the full potential that their cryptocurrency has to offer. Our customer base ranges from seasoned crypto users to “new to the crypto market” consumers looking for flexibility the new blockchain financial services provide. After setting up a Nebeus account in a few simple steps you can securely convert digital assets to fiat and transfer funds through a bank card. Nebeus also allows users to receive loans safely backed by their Bitcoin and Ethereum assets held in their Nebeus account. Its high yield savings account offers higher interest rates than traditional banks. 

Nebeus is not a basic Crypto lending platform at all. Instead we provide a wide spectrum of integrated crypto-fiat services to address both your every day and long term financial needs.

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