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$250M Pool Insurance for your Bitcoin & Ethereum
Safely store your crypto in BitGo’s insured cold storage
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Custody & Insurance

The custody service is provided by Bitgo, one of the largest cryptocurrency custodians in the world, with currently approximately $64 Billion in assets under custody.

The insurance is provided by a syndicate of insurers in the Lloyd's of London, covering $250 Million when BitGo Trust or BitGo, Inc holds all private keys.

Nebeus circle
Nebeus circleNebeus circle

How does the Vault Work?

The Nebeus Vault is an entirely free, safe, and insured place to store your Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Deposit & Transferto Bitgo

After you deposit funds into the Nebeus vault they are transferred to BitGo.

Cold Storage &a Bank-Grade Vault

BitGo stores your funds in a cold storage device and physically places it in a bank-grade Class III secured vault.

Identity verification &Multi-sig technology

Deposits and withdrawals are protected by identity verification and multi-Sig technology.

$250M Insurance fromLloyd’s of London

The insurance protects your funds against third-party hacks, copying, loss, theft of private keys, insider theft, and default.

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Nebeus (Rintral Trading SL) is a company registered with the Bank of Spain
under registration number D664 for custody services, sale, and purchase of digital assets.