Insure your Crypto
up to $100 Million

Bank-grade class III security for your Crypto Assets.

In partnership with Bitgo - Insured by Lloyds of London.

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How to insure your Crypto

Single Insurance

$100 Million insurance from Lloyds of London for one of your cryptocurrencies.

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Full Insurance

$100 Million insurance from Lloyds of London for your full Vault.

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How we keep your crypto safe?

  • Segregated accounts within the Nebeus ecosystem, managed by BitGo.
  • Offline storage that complies with a Class III bank-grade security.
  • All security and transaction signing processes are executed using a secure offline-signing environment.
  • Insured up to $100M by Lloyds of London.
  • Covered against third-party hacks, copying & theft of private keys, insider theft, and loss of keys.
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Our mission is to bridge the gap between crypto and cash. We do this by providing instant crypto-backed cash services that you can use any time, anywhere, and at the click of a button.

What are Nebeus Insured Vaults?

Nebeus Insured Vaults are segregated cold storage accounts that are held in custody by Nebeus’s partner firm Bitgo. The cold storage accounts are securely stored by Bitgo in a bank-grade Class III secure vault and are covered by a $100M insurance policy by Lloyds of London.

Who provides the Insurance, and what does it cover?
The insurance is provided by the Lloyd’s Syndicate, which consists of a consortium of insurance providers who are providing a $100M policy against theft of assets. The insurance covers third party hacks, copying and theft of private keys, insider theft, and loss of keys inside the Bitgo Custody ecosystem.
What is a Cold Wallet, and why is it safe?

The term cold wallet is used to describe when your crypto assets are held in an offline wallet. This is safe when compared to a hot wallet because there is no way the wallet can be accessed via the internet.