Not just a Crypto Wallet

Use your wallet as usual - pay, store, exchange and get up Bonus to 5% APR from daily balance value. Monthly income in EUR.

Nebeus Wallet


Buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly from your wallet. We support 36 countries. Our current price:
BTC/EUR ---.--, ETH/EUR ---.--

Protect your funds with our Cold wallet

Nebeus designed Cold storage that you can store your assets not only safe but also confidential. Our Cold wallet implements multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring that no one can impersonate you.

The more you keep in your wallet, the better interest you get

Every month, every owner of a BTС, ETH wallets will receive a reward in Euro for an average daily balance on their wallets according to the results of the month.

  • 0.006 BTC or 0.3 ETH - 3% p.a.
  • 0.012 BTC or 5 ETH - 4% p.a.
  • more then 0.28 BTC or 13 ETH - 5% p.a.
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Free instant transfer between Nebeus users

Nebeus QuickPay free service that allows people to make person-to-person transfers between accounts that are part of the Nebeus network.

Speed and lowest fee for outside payments

We are waiting for only 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin and Ethereum network to replenish your account.

Additional user transaction protection

Two-factor transaction confirmation. All transactions must be validated with a single--use pin code.

How does it work:

  • You send your funds - both crypto and EUR - to your Nebeus wallet.
  • You use it however you like - it's not a deposit!
  • Nebeus calculates average daily balances for all your accounts - BTC/ETH/EUR - and pays interest on each.
  • Interest is paid on a monthly basis.
  • Min. balance to participate in the program, 0.006 BTC or 0.3 ETH. At least 10 full days, the minimum balance must be in the account.
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