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Bitcoin Loans

Get Bitcoin loan approval in less than five minutes.

As a leading Bitcoin lending platform, we help our customers secure a BTC loan with terms of one-month to 12 months and a minimum loan amount of $1,000.

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Bitcoin loan

What is BTC?

Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Invented in 2008, Bitcoin was released by Satoshi Nakamoto and released as an open source currency. The currency’s initial start was met with criticism, but today, you can get Bitcoin loans without collateral, can use Bitcoin at major retailers, or even make instant BTC investments.

We offer two loan programs based on your needs

We do not have an approval process, we immediately issue a loan. You can transfer a loan to any credit or debit card worldwide in minutes.
Loan to Value

Nitro loan gives you the high 80% loan to value ratio.

Loan to Value
One Click

One Click Loan with 72% loan to value ratio.

Available worldwide

How to get an instant Bitcoin loan on Nebeus

At Nebeus, we’re interested in securing your financial future. Our Bitcoin loans provide you with:

Low minimum loan amounts

Secure loans with low minimum loan amounts of just $1,000.

Favorable terms

Loan terms can be as short as one month to as long as 12 months.

Loan to value

Choose between two Loan-to-Value amounts of 72% or 80%.

No approval process

Receive a loan transfer to a credit or debit card in minutes with instant loan approval.

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Why Choose Nebeus?

Nebeus provides fast, secure loans in minutes worldwide. You can leverage the strength of Bitcoin, which you can use as collateral, to receive loans in three main currencies: USD, Euro and GBP.

Loans are immediately available in your Nebeus wallet.

With Nebeus, you can get a loan without worrying about cryptocurrency rate fluctuations. You can withdraw your loan directly to your credit or debit card in over 90 countries worldwide. Loans are available in as little as five minutes.

We support all Master Cards. Once a card is safely registered on Nebeus platform you can transfer money on it. And last but definitely not least – Nebeus crypto backed loans are issues in Euros. But should you need Pounds or Dollars, once the loan is credited to your wallet before your transfer it to the card you can chose the currency you would like to apply. If you want cash in Pounds or Dollars, the amount you wish to transfer will be instantly converted and sent to the card immediately.

Pay your rent or mortgage
Buy or repair your auto
Go Shop
Help a Friend

If you pay your loan, you’ll receive your collateral back at the end of your loan term. Nebeus Bitcoin loans are fast, easy and don’t require an extensive approval process. If you have Bitcoin for collateral, we’ll disperse your loan in minutes.

Bitcoin in general: Pros and cons


  • BTC is decentralized, so when you borrow Bitcoin or take out a Bitcoin loan, you don’t have to deal with banks, lending institutions or governing authorities.
  • Bitcoin is borderless. Bitcoin P2P lending is possible due to the cryptocurrency being part of the globalized economy. Send currency across borders with immediate transactions.
  • Blockchain is secure, and features advanced encryption and security during the transaction process. Only a wallet address is added to the ledger to keep transactions private and secure.
  • Bitcoin is the most popular and accepted form of cryptocurrency. Crypto traders choose BTC over other cryptocurrencies because it’s the most accepted digital currency available.


  • Competition is rising, raising questions of the next, big cryptocurrency on the market.
  • Volatility is a concern with all currencies, but digital currencies can be a bit more unpredictable compared to fiat currencies. However Bitcoin is less volatile than in the past and is likely to remain less volatile as the market continues to mature.

Nebeus uses BTC as collateral for loans and reduces the risk of volatility by not selling the currency during downturns.

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