Nebeus currency


Wire Transfer: 0.74 %, min €27.0

SEPA: €2

Nebeus currency


Wire Transfer: 0.74 %, min $27.0

Nebeus currency


Wire Transfer: 0.74 %, min £27.0

Our Rules

Customers may withdraw funds from their Nebeus account at any time. Funds can be withdrawn up to the value of the balance of your Nebeus account, minus the amount of fee. Minimum withdraw amount equivalent of 15 EUR.

Take care entering your account details (copy + paste is best) and double-check to make sure you’ve entered all the information correctly. You cannot exceed your daily or monthly funding limits. Fees listed are what our bank charge us.Other banks used during the transfer may charge additional fees and are out of our control. The name on the bank account you are withdrawing to must match the name on the account you are withdrawing from.