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Buy Crypto
with a
Credit Card

Buying crypto with a credit card is one of the fastest ways to become a first-time buyer or to grow your digital currency holdings. It’s also easy and secure. There are quite a few exchanges these days that allow you to use credit cards as a valid payment option. If you are looking where to buy crypto, Nebeus is a great choice!

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Integrated Exchange

Buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly from your wallet. Easy to set up, secure and confidential – our wallet stores 98%

of digital assets in cold storage ready to be exchanged or transferred when you need them.

Bitcoin (BTC)
⇣ 10.279,88
22 Oct
⇡ 11.128,43
Ethereum (ETH)
⇣ 319,87
22 Oct
⇡ 336,54

Quick guide on how to Buy Crypto with a Credit Card

Nebeus provides users with the best way to buy crypto with a credit card because it’s simple!

1. Create and fully Verify your Nebeus account.
It takes a couple of minutes. Open account here.
2. Add fiat funds using Nebeus “Top up with Card” feature
Funds will be credited to your account within 5-10 minutes. Also, you can sell Bitcoin and Ethereum and instantly withdraw money to your credit card around the world.
3. Use added fiat funds to buy BTC or ETH
Use the EUR, GBP or USD account for the purchase.

Why Choose Nebeus

Some reasons why you should choose Nebeus to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card are:

You will be able to obtain cryptocurrency instantly.

All digital assets are stored in cold storage until you need them for exchanging or transferring.

Creating Nebeus account is easy, fast and secure.


Here are some common Nebeus FAQs:

To buy cryptocurrency with a credit card through Nebeus doesn’t take long at all. Once you open and verify your account you are ready to “Top Up” and Buy crypto. The process of buying different cryptocurrencies on Nebeus platform takes mere minutes.

When buying crypto with a credit card through Nebeus, you will have to verify your identity. This is necessary to protect your account against unauthorized use and to ensure the security of your transactions. The identification verification needs to be completed and updated from time to time.

You can use a Mastercard, or prepaid cards to “Top Up” your Nebeus account so you can “buy crypto with a credit card”. Once fiat funds are credited to your account – you are all set for BTC or ETH purchase.

Once you fully verify your Nebeus account there are no daily limits on cryptocurrency purchases.

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