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Earn with Crypto

Earn solid returns up to 8.25% with Nebeus High Yield Crypto savings account

While you can not earn crypto online with us, your crypto can earn you super high interest in Fiat (up to 8.25%) if you keep it in our High Yield Savings Account.

Open Savings account

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We offer two types of Savings accounts

Based on the length of time and the minimum you would like to keep. Our Evergreen Savings (open with min 0.35 BTC or 18 ETH) delivers an amazing 8.25% annual interest earned and deposited in Euros in your Nebeus wallet MONTHLY and ready for immediate transfer. Want to give Crypto Savings a try but don’t want a big commitment? Then our Rock Star Savings is what you want. Open with min 0.006 BTC or 0.3 ETH and earn 6.45% APY in your Nebeus wallet.

Learn how to transfer money from your Nebeus wallet account to a card in €, £ or $

Have your money and spend it too

Our high yield crypto savings account makes your crypto work for you online extra hard.

With Nebeus high yield savings you earn interest on crypto that is higher than most other savings accounts you can have. Earn money with crypto through your high yield savings, have it deposited on your Nebeus secure account and spend it any way you want.

Available to everyone

Start saving with 0.06 BTC or 0.3 ETH and fixed interest rate 8.25%.

Proven worldwide

Open crypto savings accounts in different currencies for different periods, diversify your investment portfolio.

For Enthusiasts

If you are a HODL’er, we’ll keep your crypto and pay your monthly interest in € Euro.

For Beginners

For users who are first time faced with crypto. We offer an instant exchange, we have an excellent exchange rate.

How it works cryptosavingsaccount

We here at Nebeus believe that people should be able to manage their own finances without a bank dictating to them what they can and can’t do with their own money. We offer such a way with our secure high yield crypto savings account earing our customers up to 10X over a regular savings account.

Even if you don’t have CRYPTO right now, in a few steps you can be on your way to earning up to 8.25% while holding on to one of the fastest growing assets on the financial market. Open an account with Nebeus, deposit money, buy CRYPTO and voila, you own CRYPTO and it’s earning you cash when you put it on our high yield savings account. WIN-WIN

Every month we automatically credit your Nebeus wallet with interest earned in Euros. Withdraw your money in a few simple clicks – no delays.

We deploy your capital to the cryptocurrency collateral loans. Your investments are fully backed by borrower collateral.

*For other programs, funds may be placed in other assets.

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