Bridge your Crypto and cash

Borrow, Exchange, Earn, and Insure your Crypto assets with Nebeus

Crypto-backed Loans
Don’t sell your Crypto. Use it as collateral towards a cryptocurrency-backed loan to pay for your daily expenses or finance more ambitious plans.

Cryptocurrency Insurance

Insure your Bitcoin and Ethereum with a $100 Million insurance policy.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Buy, Sell, and Exchange Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Renting

Rent Nebeus your Crypto and earn up to 12,85% per year.

Why choose Nebeus

In business since 2014 with funding, partnerships, and support
 from internationally recognized names.

Funding & Investment

Nebeus is funded by venture capital investment, by 248 individual investors through the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs, and the UK Government-supported Future Fund through the British Business Bank.

Security & Insurance

Thanks to our partnership with Bitgo, we provide insurance for your digital assets with a $100M insurance policy by Lloyd’s of London.

Associations & Support

Nebeus is a member of the Spanish Association of Fintech & Insurtech, receiving support the Spanish Fintech ecosystem.

Nebeus at a glance

An ecosystem of Crypto & Fintech products for all of your needs

Quick loans

0% interest for 3 months and a free early repayment option.

Flexible loans

Fully customizable LTV, from 50% up to 80%. Interest rates change depending on the selected LTV. Terms going up to 36 months, with an early repayment option.


Instant, pre-approved, and directly from our own FIAT treasury.


Your Crypto collateral will be covered by a $100M insurance policy during your loan term.

Get paid every 24 hours

Receive your payout monthly or as often as every 24 hours.

Cash payouts

We’ll pay you in Euros.

Flexible renting options

Choose between our Crypto Renting programs.

Earn up to 12.85% APY

With our Sequoia program, we’ll pay you 12.85% APY.

Single Insurance

$100 Million insurance from Lloyds of London for either BTC or ETH.

Full Insurance

$100 Million insurance from Lloyds of London for both BTC and ETH.

Buy, Sell & Exchange Crypto

Buy, Sell, or Exchange Crypto at market prices. We charge a fixed fee of 0.35% per transaction.

Easy to use & Convenient

Manage all of your Crypto assets and your cash from your Nebeus dashboard.

Buy with you Bank Card

Buy Crypto and fund your account directly with your bank card.

International cash transfers

Transfer cash to any debit card, credit card, or bank account in over 150 countries.

Transfer & Receive Crypto

Send & withdraw Crypto to and from any other wallet.


Buy, Sell, and Exchange BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP and USD.