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Get cash you need for the price of a cup of coffee

Get €500
and pay only €5.23 for it
Get a instant Loan

For the past 5 years we have been helping our customers to receive a Bitcoin or Ethereum backed loans quickly and securely.

We now support Withdrawal to the credit and debit Mastercard in €, £ or $.

Loan issue in Euros

Do not worry about cryptocurrency rate

Pledge of your choice

We accept collateral in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nebeus token.

Instant loan issuance

A loan is immediately available on your Wallet.

Two loan programs based on your needs

We do not have an approval process, we immediately issue a loan. You can transfer a loan to any credit or debit card worldwide in minutes.

You are ready to:

Pay a mortgage

Buy a car

Go Shop

Help a Friend


Loan refinancing

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