HODLERs Shall Prevail

With the recent drop in Bitcoin price, a lot of Nebeus customers reached out looking for perspective. After being a part of crypto community for the past almost 8 years we have seen Bitcoin go through a lot. But our approach has always been – look at the bigger picture. While the indicators over the […]

Can I get a loan for a price of a coffee cup? Yup!

Covid 19 is finally easing its grip on the financial world but still there are a lot of people left stranded before they can finally go back to a “new normal”. Whether temporarily out of work, or faced with the much slower than usual business, individuals find themselves in need of quick cash until they […]

£ and $Now Added To Our Platform

Nebeus is very excited to announce the addition of Pound (£) and Dollar ($) currencies to its FIAT transactions’ functionality. Since 2014 Nebeus has been a trusted European digital lending platform providing a number of integrated crypto-fiat services to its clients in over 90 countries. Clients are able to take advantage of its quick and […]

The Launch of The New Interface is Only a Few Days Away. Here is What to Expect.

At Nebeus – we place a lot of value in making customers happy. Happy customers make our business matter. You have made suggestions – and we listened. So stay tuned because VERY SHORTLY Nebeus will be unveiling an even better transactions blockchain backed interface adding a few highly anticipated services to enhance our one stop […]

High Yield Savings Account From Nebeus is Here

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming referred to by many as “digital gold” and is viewed more and more as a unifying future secure global option to traditional fiat based transactions. At Nebeus we work to quickly and securely address all current and future clients’ needs as they navigate the digital financial world. We have been doing […]

Nebeus, Ex-Kite Execs in Significant Financing Round

​As the first sign of the fintech industry coming back online, as the international business landscape has been permanently altered by the 2020 global pandemic, Nebeus, a leading U.K. fintech services company, has closed a significant financing round with a new fintech fund from ex-Kite Ventures’ executives, paving the way for multiple new service launches and a massive […]

Read Our Comment On Forbes Magazine

“We stopped using it only because we were getting too many leads a day,” says Sergei Romanovsky, founder of Nebeus, when asked about the Futurology Bot. “My sales team would normally get 20 or 30 leads a day. That’s good for one person,” he says. “On a scale of one to five, did the Futurology […]

Send Money As Fast As a Message

There is a new service from Nebeus that was created and thought for helping you in case of urgent matters, more precisely if you need to sell urgently. With Nebeus you are now able to sell Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETC) and withdraw the funds you’ve earned directly into your bank card. All of this […]

Transfer Your Cryptocurrency Money Directly To Your Bank Card

With an impressive global coverage, we created a useful and well-needed service that allows us to exchange our cryptocurrencies to Euros, before sending it right away to our bank card just in a couple of clicks and less than 2 minutes process time.

Nebeus has been awarded: Most Innovative Cryptocurrency Services Platform 2019

This prestigious award marks the hard work and stellar efforts of those who have helped shape this demanding and dynamic industry, and our comprehensive selection and judging process singles out the true market leaders of 2019. Our nomination, selection and judging process took just over 3 months, during which time our industry experts researched, counted […]