New Initiatives For a Sustainable Platform

The new year comes along with new initiatives for the Nebeus team to achieve long-term success of the platform. We aim to deliver a client-oriented and highly convenient platform for buying, selling, storing, trading and borrowing cryptocurrencies. The aims for 2018 have been clearly defined to enable the platform’s development and offering of these services.

Our main aim for 2018 is to increase the touch points between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. To meet these objectives, we aim to complete a variety of initiatives in 2018.

Crypto Collateral Loans 
75% of cryptocurrency owners are long-term holders of their investments. Nebeus provides a loan against the 50% value of the clients’ cryptocurrency holdings. Further to this, Fiat currency holders get a better return on on their funds secured by BTC.

Crypto Master Card 
Our clients will be able to use crypto cards in ATMs, POS and online. This will simplify the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat, as their account will be linked to over 10 cryptocurrencies.

Linking to Africa
Nebeus will open up the cryptocurrency market to the African region. Clients will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using over 25 digital currencies widely used in Africa. This aims to address problems like the current mark-up of up to 100% on cryptocurrencies and the 40% premium on Bitcoin trading in Africa.

Cryptocurrencies portray a huge opportunity for the continent. With countries having high inflation rates, the highest being South Sudan with 295%, cryptocurrencies may be used as an inflation hedge. Further to this, the success of M-Pesa in Kenya demonstrates that Africa’s lag in traditional banking may be advantageous to the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies by the African population. Nebeus aims to pioneer in this movement and offer an economical and effective way for the African population to purchase cryptocurrencies.

ATM withdrawals and top ups 
We will have access to over 400,000 ATMs worldwide by the end of 2018. A 6-digit code will enable customers to withdraw from and top-up their accounts.

Due to Nebeus’ rapid growth, our team has to constantly adjust to new situations. The mentioned initiatives are a guideline for us to shape the year in the most effective manner for both Nebeus and our clients.

2017 — A dynamic year
2017 was a vitally important year for the project. The intensive ICO preparations by the entire team were essential to ensure the smooth development of the project. The ICO is now finished and we raised $3M. We truly believe that our team’s efforts have paid off and that we will continue to successfully develop the project in the new year.