Get cash without selling your Crypto

Use your Crypto to get an instant loan in cash or Stablecoins
at up to 80% LTV and from 0% interest.

How to get a Crypto-backed loan

Simple, instant, pre-approved.

Deposit your Crypto

Open a Nebeus account and deposit your Crypto from any digital wallet for free.

Choose your loan

Choose between our quick and flexible loan options, with one of the highest loan-to-value ratios (80%) & one of the lowest market interest rates (0%).

Get cash and keep your Crypto

Instantly receive your loan in FIAT currency of Stablecoins, directly from Nebeus's treasury.

Get money in your pocket and keep your Crypto in your wallet

Get your Crypto-backed loan within minutes.

Crypto-backed lending tailored to your individual needs


Instant, pre-approved, and directly from Nebeus’s treasury. Once you’ve deposited your Crypto into your Nebeus account, you can get a loan with as little as two clicks.


Quick Loans: 50% LTV and 0% interest for 3 months.

Flexible Loans: choose the LTV you want (anywhere from 50% to 80%) and borrow up to 250,000 in cash or stablecoins for as long as 36 months.


We keep your Crypto collateral SAFU and insured with a $100M insurance policy by Lloyd’s of London.


Use our loan health monitor, margin calls, and volatility alerts to manage your loan and have full control and peace of mind.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between crypto and cash. We do this by providing instant crypto-backed cash services that you can use any time, anywhere, at the click of a button. 

No. Nebeus is a fully secure and compliant FIAT & Crypto Lender, meaning that people who want to get a crypto-backed loan will borrow directly from Nebeus.

A Crypto lending platform, such as Nebeus, acts as the primary lender, equivalent to a financial institution, allowing people to borrower FIAT directly from the platform.

On the other hand, Peer to Peer lending works by connecting people who want to borrow with people who want to lend Crypto for interest. In P2P lending, people are all borrowing and lending from each other.

For people seeking to get a loan, Crypto lending platforms are more secure than P2P lending because they don’t risk borrowers not paying back their loans.

We keep all loan collateral in cold storage servers disconnected from the internet and free from risks of cyberattacks.

For Quick Loans, we charge 0% interest for 3 months, but there is a one time Loan Origination fee of 2.5%.

For Flexible Loans, our annual interest rates vary between 6% – 13.5%, and there is no Loan Origination fee.

For more information, please visit our fees page.

For more FAQs and Information, please visit our Help Center.