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backed loans

Keep your Crypto. Get cash you need available in 5 minutes

Interest rate
Loan to value

For the past 5 years we have been helping our customers to receive a Bitcoin or Ethereum backed cryptocurrency loan quickly and securely.

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Loan issue in Euros or Pounds

Do not worry about cryptocurrency rate

Pledge of your choice

We accept collateral in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nebeus token.

Instant loan issuance

A loan is immediately available on your Wallet.


Available worldwide

Fast & Easy Processing‎

We believe people should have fair access to our crypto backed loans services all over the world. No borders. And we don’t care about credit scores, so no credit checks. Because you use your crypto as collateral for the loan – approval process is fast and secure and your crypto is safe with us while you get the cash you need in minutes.

Create Nebeus account

It takes 2 minutes and it’s free.

We have made sure our application process is one of the easiest on the market so you spend less time filling out “paperwork” and more time enjoying your money.

Deposit the pledge

We accept Bitcoin, Etherum and Nebeus Token as collateral for your loan providing one of the highest “loan to value” ratios on the market.

Instantly withdraw loan to your credit card

We have one of the fastest approval processes, making your loan available in your Nebeus wallet in 5 minutes. From there you can withdraw it to your card in over 90 countries around the world.

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Nebeus does not provide crypto loans without collateral. Our loans have to be secured by crypto assets and your loan amount will be available for you to withdraw in minutes. You can not borrow cryptocurrency through Nebeus. We provide loans in fiat currency.


How to receive a safe instant Crypto Backed Loan with 3 simple steps through NEBEUS

Our loans are available in your Nebeus wallet in Euros or Pounds in minutes.  Up to date our customers have trusted our loan services to get cash they need for anything from paying bills to buying a house – all without having to sell their crypto.

Value to loan – 85%. Loan limit is based on the market value of the crypto assets in your Nebeus Wallet.

As soon as the loan will be repaid, your security deposit will be instantly credited to your Wallet. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our loans.

Deposits of equivalent more than €5000 are kept with a reputable custodian. Amounts equivalent to less than €5000 are stored in our Cold storage.

Be sure to let us know Support. If the delay occurred due to our fault or our payment provider, we will increase the loan term by the delay time.