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Earn solid returns up to 13.25% with Nebeus Crypto savings account

Open Savings account

This way everyone gets paid

Investors get their interest, borrowers get the money they need. And it all goes through crypto!

Available to everyone

Start saving with 0.06 BTC or 0.3 ETH and fixed interest rate 8.45 13.25%.

Proven worldwide

Open crypto savings accounts in different currencies for different periods, diversify your investment portfolio.

For Enthusiasts

If you are a HODL’er, we’ll keep your crypto and pay your monthly interest in € Euro.

For Beginners

For users who are first time faced with crypto. We offer an instant exchange, we have an excellent exchange rate.

How it works cryptosavingsaccount

You can deposit money to your account. After that, you will buy a cryptocurrency into Nebeus account and place it on a crypto savings account.

The monthly interest is automatically credited to your Wallet. Withdraw your profit whatever you want, no delays — just a couple of clicks.

We deploy your capital to the cryptocurrency collateral loans. Your investments are fully backed by borrower collateral.

*For other programs, funds may be placed in other assets.

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