High Yield Savings Account From Nebeus is Here

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming referred to by many as “digital gold” and is viewed more and more as a unifying future secure global option to traditional fiat based transactions. At Nebeus we work to quickly and securely address all current and future clients’ needs as they navigate the digital financial world. We have been doing it since 2014 and today we are proud to be trusted by our customers as their one stop digital banking platform in Europe serving most of their integrated assets needs under “one roof”.

Nebeus high yield savings account: Crypto savings accounts serve the same purpose as the traditional savings accounts – grow your money – but they give you much more. Literally. It’s the best way to have your money and use it too. Our savings account gives you up to 13.25% return annually that is deposited in your Nebeus wallet MONTHLY and is available to you right away – no further questions or guidelines. That is over 10X the traditional savings rate of return. On top of it – there is no waiting in line to open your account, no lengthy paperwork and your assets start earning you interest immediately!

Nebeus secure crypto backed loans: For more than 5 years, we have been helping our customers receive virtually instant Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) backed loans for their daily needs. We have one of the best loan to value ratios on the market and, if approved, your loan in Euros or Pounds will be available for you to withdraw within minutes. There’s no credit check and our loan service is available in over 90 counties globally. Our blockchain based process is fast, easy and secure. Fill out the application and we will have an answer for you in just a few minutes.

Nebeus Wallet: it is where your digital banking takes place with every tool you need to get your transactions done. Buy more cryptocurrency, exchange, withdraw to a card of your choice or transfer money safely to another person who is registered on Nebeus platform. All these transactions are merged in one seamless process we have created to serve Nebeus network customer community. To further protect our customers we use advanced security measures: for instance, all transactions must be validated with a single-use pin code.

Open your Nebeus account right now and see how simple it really is to digitally bank with us!