Buy / Sell Bitcoins

Replenish, your Nebeus account, one of the available methods. Available methods of replenishment here.


1. Tap the "Buy/Sell" on the top menu


  • 2. Select the desired action: Buy or Sell.


3. Enter the amount to trade

4. Tap the Green button. This button is enabled only if you have enough funds to complete the trade.

For your information, the current balance for the corresponding asset appears in the right part.

5. For your safety, we use two-factor authentication to perform operations. Please wait for the One-Time PIN that will be sent to you through your registered email address or mobile number.

6. Enter the One-Time PIN when the pop-up screen appears

 * Please note that the One-Time PIN is valid only for FIVE (5) minutes.

Depositing bitcoins into the account of the user occurs immediately after purchase. 

There are limits for Bitcoin in order to buy them. To increase the limit it is necessary to undergo the procedure of verification of personality.

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