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5 years on the crypto loans market

Founded in 2014, Nebeus is a London-based FinTech platform. For more than 5 years we have been providing instant crypto-collateralized loans. Our cryptocurrency savings accounts allow our users to receive significantly higher interest than offered by European banks.

  • + 55 000 Wallets
  • Top 10K FinTech Companies
  • 2019 International Finance Awards 2019 winners
  • Shortlist: Finder Lending Innovation Awards 2018

Our Plans

At the end of 2018, we felt that we were trying to do too much, and growing too fast, in too many directions. We conducted a study to see which of our services are essential to our customers. The study showed that the most valuable services are the issuance of collateral loans and our high-yield savings accounts. This is what we are going to focus on for the next 5 years.

We are still actively pursuing our application for the FCA e-money license. We are also changing some of our procedures and documents to reflect these changes. We will certainly continue to develop payment channels for withdrawing fiat funds from Nebeus account.

Nebeus Crypto bank

Two New Loan Programs. Nano loans service - to top-up mobile phones. We already have commitments from over 200 mobile operators. Duration: 7 days, interest 1,296%. Microloans - equivalent up to €500, duration 21 days, interest 511%.

Nano-financing: fintech for emerging markets

Improved Credit Scoring. Improved Credit Scoring Model Based on Bagging Neural Network. The decision to issue a loan will be made within 2 minutes using a scoring neural network (AI/ML).

How neural networks are changing credit scores

Payment channels. We will certainly continue to develop payment channels for deposit and withdrawing fiat funds from Nebeus account. We need additional liquidity to increase the speed of processing operations.

Investment outcome


UK based E-money license from the FCA

Credit scoring

Neural network implementation for credit scoring for Nano loans, Microloans

Payment channels

Development of Payin and Payout channel networks to increase transaction speed


Marketing power to capture market share in the emerging industry


Below we have collected frequently requested documents. Upon request, we are ready to provide any information.