Our fees

We believe in transparency, so we want to show everyone our fees and what they pay for.

Quick loans

Borrow cash for 3 months at 0% interest, with a free early repayment option.

loan origination

Flexible loans

Select your own terms and borrow up to 80% of your Crypto’s value. Repay the loan early whenever you want (a 2.5% early repayment fee applies if you repay within the first month).

loan origination
6% – 13.5%

Buy, Sell & Exchange Crypto

Buy, Sell, or Exchange Crypto at market prices. We charge a fixed fee of 0.35% per transaction.

fixed Fee
per transaction

Mobile Phone Top-Up

Top-up your phone to more than 500 phone operators worldwide.

Mobile top-up
Per transaction & dependent on phone operator.

Bitcoin Transfers

Add, receive, and send BTC from any online wallet.

add & receive BTC
send BTC
0.0005 BTC
per transaction
including miner fee

Ethereum Transfers

Add, receive, and send ETH from any online wallet.

add & receive ETH
send ETH
0.009 ETH
per transaction
not including gas fee

Add Funds with a Bank Card

Add funds to your Nebeus account using your credit or debit card.

add funds
per transaction

Withdraw Funds to a Bank Card

Instantly withdraw funds to any credit or debit card in over 150 countries.

Send funds
per transaction

Deposits at Cash Collection Points

Deposit cash at 230,000 cash collection points in Europe.

add funds
per transaction
send funds
per transaction

SEPA Transfers

Make cross-border euro transfers to any bank account in the Eurozone.

Add funds
Send Funds
7 € or 1%
the higher of the two

Supercharged Wire Transfer

Instant Wire Transfer Technology

Add funds

What do our fees pay for?

Our fees help us run Nebeus and help us achieve two goals:

Fintech & Crypto Innovations

We seek to continually develop secure, compliant, and innovative financial products and features to deliver a unique user experience.

Trust & Security

We want our customers to trust us, knowing that their funds are safe on Nebeus, and we always want to provide the best possible customer services to our users.

Breakdown of our expenses

Based on actual figures and forecasts for 2021

  • Transaction and transfer costs
  • Growth and Marketing
  • Team
  • R&D and building new products