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Earn interest on Bitcoin

Earn solid returns up to 8.25% with Nebeus High Yield Crypto savings account

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How to earn money with Bitcoin on Nebeus

Savings for everyone

Start saving and earn interest on Bitcoin with interest rates of 6.45% to 8.25%.

Monthly payouts

Monthly credits are added directly to your Nebeus wallet in Euros.

Low minimum investment

Start investing with as little as 0.008 BTC.

Favorable loan terms

Loan terms range from one-month to 12-months.

How it works cryptosavingsaccount

Nebeus savings account allows you to earn interest on BTC without having to go to a bank and receive abysmal interest rates on your money. We offer high-yield savings accounts that provide our customers with 10 times the interest that you would earn with a traditional savings account.

We believe in our customers staying in control of their own financial freedom.

You can start a Bitcoin savings account today and receive your first interest credit within a month.

If you don’t have any Bitcoin to invest, you can buy Bitcoin though Nebeus with our Top up with card service after you open a regular Nebeus account. Purchase your Bitcoin, put it in high yield savings and start earing passive income.

Monthly interest is added to your Nebeus wallet fast. You’ll have interest earned credited to your account in Euros. When withdrawing to a card you can also select GPB or USD if you so choose.

Borrower collateral safeguards your investment, allowing you to earn Bitcoin interest with little-to-no risks. We use your Bitcoin for collateral loans, allowing you to leverage the best way to earn interest on Bitcoin – secure loans.

*For other programs, funds may be placed in other assets.

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