Rent us your Crypto, and we'll
pay you in cash.

Rent us your Crypto, and earn up to 6.75% per year. We'll pay you in Euros as often as every 24 hours!

Start earning on your Crypto every 24 hours!

How to earn with Crypto

Earn monthly cash returns with one of our Crypto Renting programs.

Open an account

Quick and easy, it only takes a minute to open a Nebeus account.

Choose your renting program

Select the Crypto Renting program that best suits your goals and needs.

Get paid every 24 hours

Get paid for renting us your Crypto in Euros, and withdraw your cash as often as once every 24 hours if you want.

Choose between our two
Crypto Renting programs.



Rent us a minimum of 0.0025 BTC  or 0.03 ETH for more than 1 month, and we’ll pay you 3.5% per year.



Rent us a minimum of 0.12 BTC or 3 ETH for more than 4 months, and we’ll pay you 6.75% per year. 


Our mission is to bridge the gap between Crypto and cash. We do this by providing instant crypto-backed financial services that you can use any time, anywhere, at the click of a button.

Crypto renting works like any other renting business: someone pays you for the use of something, for example, a property, land, or a vehicle. In our case, you rent your Crypto to Nebeus for a predefined period, and Nebeus pays you for the use of your Crypto.

Yes, Crypto Renting works in a very similar way to Crypto Savings, but instead of depositing your funds into an account on a yearly interest rate, you rent us your Crypto, sign a rental agreement, and earn money in the form of a payout based on an annual percentage rate.

Many people buy Crypto as an investment and keep it in a digital wallet somewhere, without any use and only as an investment. Now you can earn a profit using that Crypto and without selling it!

None! There are no fees for Crypto Renting.

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