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Corporate Desk

Welcome to the Nebeus Corporate Desk

We partner with companies and institutions to support working towards internal goals through innovative lending programs and high yield savings accounts. Our Corporate Desk crypto-fiat services baked by blockchain technology give further flexibility and bespoke programs offered exclusively to companies, their employees and partners.

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Flexible Crypto backed Loans

We provide flexible lending programs specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Lower interest rates for higher loan amounts, no fee early repayment and more. Nebeus BTC and ETH backed loans are a perfect solution for your company to hold digital assets while gaining access to the liquidity your company needs to keep growing. We will work closely with you to develop the best lending products for your company’s needs.

High Yield Saving Accounts

Earn 10% or more annual interest on your crypto savings account when you open a crypto savings account and deposit an equivalent of 10,000EUR or more in BTC or ETH. The interest earned will be deposited to your corporate account in EUR WEEKLY ready for withdrawal immediately.

Partner Affiliate Program

Use the Nebeus Affiliate program to offer our services to your employees or users and earn every time they are referred to us. We provide your corporation with a unique code which will give your employees or users preferred terms during registration. We work with corporate customers individually to design the affiliate program terms that would work best for you, focusing on providing the best European crypto-fiat market earning potential for your company.

Multi-currency off ramp

Nebeus provides the facility for corporates to easily move between major cryptocurrency and FIAT currency pairs using our internal exchange. We understand that businesses are more global than ever, allowing you to draw down to your bank accoint or send FIAT currency in GBP, EUR or USD across the MasterCard network.

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