Nebeus, Ex-Kite Execs in Significant Financing Round

24.04.20 03:13 AM Comment(s) By Sergey

​As the first sign of the fintech industry coming back online, as the international business landscape has been permanently altered by the 2020 global pandemic, Nebeus, a leading U.K. fintech services company, has closed a significant financing round with a new fintech fund from ex-Kite Ventures’ executives, paving the way for multiple new service launches and a massive geographic expansion. A financial services company headquartered in London, Nebeus enables digital money loans and remits funds to credit and debit cards of local banks around the world. With Nebeus, digital money to credit card transactions take minutes, not days. Ex-Kite Ventures managers involved with the new fintech fund investing in Nebeus have built a portfolio of companies while at Kite that are aiming to disrupt business models in their corresponding niches. Some of its most remarkable assets include Delivery Hero with a $12.2 billion valuation, Tradeshift, valued at $1.1 billion, Plated, $200 million valuation, and Helpling, valued at $120 million. Ex-team Kite Ventures have launched a new fintech fund to facilitate their investment into Nebeus, their first foray into the fintech market.
“Nebeus is our first foray into fintech: we have combined our considerable financial and administrative resources with Nebeus’ team and technology to build the first international digital bank from the ground up,” said Stepan Dobrovolsky, a partner with the new fintech fund. “We were attracted by the opportunity to use Nebeus’ technology to offer fully licensed international financial services and to use the ensuing customer base explosion and active customer growth to migrate to a full-featured digital bank business model.”
Nebeus, with its financial operations based in London and lending operations based in Barcelona, plans to use the infusion to obtain licenses in the U.K. and Europe in order to expand its existing portfolio of services. The ultimate goal is to offer the same range of services as regional financial institutions, but with the digital borderless service being the kernel of anything Nebeus does. Additionally, Nebeus plans to physically expand its operations to most European counties, offer services in local currencies, and strike relationships with local financial institutions. Nebeus plans to expand its customer service to over 10 languages.
“We plan to aggressively address the burning need for faster, more efficient and more inclusive financial services for the U.K. and the Continent,” said Sergey Romanovsky, Nebeus founder and CEO. “As digital money is quickly becoming the new normal, and most businesses and individuals have to make virtual financial services their first option, the time for Nebeus to make a grand entry into the wider financial services arena is now.”
Nebeus already has tens of thousands of customer accounts and thousands of daily users on its platform. The financial round is aimed at pushing these parameters up by several orders of magnitude, thus making Nebeus an international leader in digital banking. About Nebeus Founded in 2014, Nebeus is a London-based fintech platform utilized for the consumption and creation of financial services and products. Nebeus provides instant loans, serves as a P2P exchange platform, features a user-friendly online banking module, and issues digital asset-based loans. Nebeus platform was first developed with the goal of delivering convenient, low-cost, and highly efficient services that meet the demands and challenges of the rapidly evolving digital money industry. For more information, please visit
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