How to Get a Crypto-Backed Loan on Nebeus?

28.05.21 07:52 AM Comment(s) By Doina

Getting a Crypto-Backed Loan on Nebeus takes a few simple steps...

Securing a crypto-backed loan on Nebeus is super simple and practically instant: when you have a Nebeus account with crypto in your wallet, your loan is already pre-approved. To show you just how simple the whole process is, here are a few simple steps that you'll need to go through to secure your loan:

  1. Get started and open your Nebeus account.
  2. Verify your account by submitting your ID and proof of address.
  3. Transfer crypto from any other digital wallet for free.
  4. Choose between the quick loan or flexible loan option, and customize your loan. Choose what crypto you want to use as collateral, choose what currency you wish to receive your loan in, select your LTV, your interest rate, and the length of your loan. 
  5. Click "confirm" and instantly receive a EUR, USD, or GBD loan into your Nebeus account.
  6. You can then withdraw your funds directly to your bank card or make a bank transfer to your bank account.

Does Nebeus run any Background Checks to Decide whether to Approve your Loan?

Nebeus does not run any background or credit checks to decide whether to approve your loan or not: if you have crypto in your Nebeus wallet, your loan is already pre-approved. The only check that Nebeus performs is an identity check and an anti-money laundering check when you open your Nebeus account. Nebeus also continually monitors for suspicious activity, but this is done for the platform's security and does not influence your loan approval process in any way. 

Pre-Contractual loan information & Loan Agreement 

Before confirming your loan, you will be shown pre-contractual loan information, which is standard European consumer loan information. You will also be shown your loan agreement for you to read and accept. Your loan will be confirmed by clicking accept, and your EUR, USD, or GBD funds will instantly be credited to your Nebeus account. 

After securing your loan, Nebeus will automatically send you an email confirmation of your loan with a pdf version of your loan agreement.

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