Bank Grade Security for Crypto Assets

28.01.21 07:45 AM Comment(s) By Sergey

Nebeus and BitGo reach a partnership to secure Nebeus user's crypto assets

Nebeus launches Insured Vaults: A brand-new cold storage vault for cryptocurrency with a $100M insurance policy issued by Lloyds of London

Barcelona, 28 January 2021

Nebeus, the London & Barcelona-based fintech & crypto company that bridges the gap between crypto and cash by allowing crypto-asset owners to obtain crypto-backed loans and financial services, reached a partnership with the leading platform of institutional cryptocurrency custodial services, BitGo.

The agreement provides Nebeus' users the possibility to secure their crypto funds with the brand-new Insured Vaults: secure offline cold storage insured up to USD 100,000,000 against security breaches and theft.

How Nebeus's Insured Vaults work, and what does this mean

Nebeus's Insured Vaults are segregated accounts within the Nebeus ecosystem, managed by BitGo, for the purpose of offline storage that complies with a Class III bank-grade security. In other words, Nebeus will transfer funds directly into a custodial wallet held by BitGo, that is disconnected from the internet.

Furthermore, Nebeus's Insured Vaults are supported by Lloyds of London's, a renowned financial services company with a 100M insurance against third-party hacks, copying & theft of private keys, insider theft, and loss of keys inside the Bitgo Custody ecosystem. 

Nebeus Insured Vaults are a non-binding subscription service with a cost of 4 euros per month per Bitcoin or Ethereum Insured Vault, or 6.90 euros per month for both Insured Vaults. Users will be able to cancel the subscription at any time. Their assets will be transferred back to them within 48 hours after submitting a request to cancel the subscription.

With the release of Nebeus Vaults in partnership with BitGo, Nebeus keeps expanding its line of services, making the crypto world even more safe and secure. 

About Nebeus:

Nebeus is a fintech & crypto platform on a mission to bridge the gap between crypto and cash with instant crypto-backed loans and financial services. To achieve this, Nebeus offers a host of secure and compliant solutions allowing customers to borrow, earn, exchange, and transfer cash and crypto with full security. Nebeus was founded in 2014 in England, operating primarily in the UK and Europe.

Seamlessly and within minutes, Nebeus users can use their crypto assets to get cash loans for their daily expenses and start earning monthly income by renting their assets to Nebeus. Nebeus users can also buy, sell, and exchange crypto directly on the platform. Nebeus is connected to the VISA and Mastercard networks, meaning that users can add and send funds to their bank accounts or straight to their bank cards in more than 150 countries. Users can even mank deposits and withdraws at more than 230,000 physical cash collection points. Nebeus is the smart way to use digital assets to borrow, earn, exchange, and save in the digital age, helping thousands of customers put their digital assets to everyday use. 

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