What are the Crypto-Backed Loan options on Nebeus?

28.05.21 02:05 PM Comment(s) By Sergey

Nebeus has two loan options:

Nebeus Quick Loans

With Nebeus Quick Loans, you can borrow small sums of money for your short-term needs and expenses. Quick Loans gives your four available options: 50, 100, 250, or 500 EUR, USD, or GBD.

The LTV for Quick Loans is fixed at 50%, and the loan term is fixed at 3 months. There is no interest rate (it’s really 0%), and the only thing you pay is a 2.5% loan origination fee when your loan is issued. When you’re finished with your loan, you can close and pay back the loan at any time and for free.

Nebeus Flexible Loans

Nebeus Flexible Loans are loans that you can fully customize to your specific needs. You can select any LTV starting from 50% and all the way up to 80%. The interest rate will change depending on the LTV you choose: the higher the LTV, the higher the interest rate. Interest rates start at 6% and go up to 13.5%. You can also choose the amount you want to loan, and you can borrow any sum up to 250,000 Euros. Last but not least, you can select your loan term, and you can borrow for as long as 36 months, making the Nebeus Flexible Loans option perfect for those long-term needs.

What Extra Loan Options can you Select when Securing a Loan on Nebeus?

Before confirming your loan, you will be given the choice of selecting two extra options.

When Crypto Prices are Rising Option

By selecting this option, Nebeus will automatically monitor crypto prices and will release part of your collateral if prices increase by more than 10%. Crypto collateral that is 10% over the value of your selected LTV will automatically be transferred to your Nebeus wallet. This is a great option if you have secured a long-term loan and if crypto prices increase. Selecting this option will cost an additional 2% APR.

When Crypto Prices are Falling Option

By selecting this option, Nebeus will automatically monitor crypto prices and volatility and will automatically replenish your loan collateral from your main Nebeus account if/when approaching a margin call. This is an essential option if you take out a higher LTV loan for a longer-term. You’ll have full peace of mind, and you won’t have to monitor crypto volatility to make sure that your loan is healthy: Nebeus will automatically do everything for you. Selecting this option will cost an additional 2% APR.

Important Risk Note:

It’s crucial to understand that you will need to monitor volatility and your loan’s health manually, using Nebeus’s Health Monitor, if you do not select this option. We do not recommend keeping this option turned off if you do not have cryptocurrency experience. If crypto prices drop, and if approaching a margin call, you might be forced to close your loan manually if you wish to save your collateral. 

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