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Use your Crypto reloadable prepaid card to shop, get cash at ATMs,
pay bills online or be able to purchase in every shop anywhere.
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Nebeus Exo card

How to use

Fast & Secure. Global Money Transfer. Instant Funds Access. Instant Payouts. Instant Withdrawals.

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ATM access

Some prepaid cards have access to free Worldnwide ATM networks, such as MoneyPass and Allpoint, or to branded bank networks for cards issued by banks.
High limit per day at any ATM - £1,500

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For everyday Use

Nebeus debit card is one of the most convenient financial tools for used in shops, restaurants and daily spending. This is an Unlimited Card, spend as much as you need without limits.

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Online Shopping and Payments

There are many reasons you might want to consider using a Nebeus prepaid card when you shop online. Important reason to consider using Nebeus prepaid cards, especially for internet shopping, is online safety.


In order to activate the card, log into your account, on you Dashboard you will see the link Check Card Status. Once you click on it, choose the card you want to activate and click Activate.
Please click on link below to see a list of possible resolutions for most common issues
Card Activation

Nebeus Card Activate

Pin code

  • To access your pin , go to the list of your cards where you can see Pin codes.
  • You can view your pin code by clicking on the Display icon.
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Our Pricing Plans

Card price £49.94
Top-up in BTC, ETH
MAX card Balance Unlimited
ATM Withdrawals per day £1,500
Max Amount Load per day £5,000
Monthly fee
Zero fee - 50 NBTK holder
POS / ATM - domestic 1 %
POS / ATM - national 1,5 %
Cashback, monthly in NBTK 3 %
Nebeus Card Delivery


We have different delivery methods. You can choose your card to be delivered between 2-3 days or standard delivery 15 days. Exact delivery time depends on the region.

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