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Nebeus: The best Loan Solutions for All Users

Among the decentralised financial services that have appeared in recent months, the new Nebeus crypto loans are starting to appeal a lot of users thanks to their excellent loan terms and benefits for cryptocurrency owners all-around the world.

To better understand the mechanisms behind Nebeus crypto loans, the players that position themselves and the regulatory issues, we are analysing the market and the profiles of Nebeus users who find the solutions to develop their cryptocurrency portfolio and grow their assets.

The crypto loan industry in 2019 In 2019 we saw an enormous growth all over the crypto loan market, making this part of the financial industry a mature sector. With many newcomers and offers, as well as new products such as new loan terms and benefits for their clients, Nebeus has established its leading position as a leading crypto financial institution.

2019 was exciting, and we have seen major institutional lenders growing expandingly. Besides, we saw new solutions to fit the needs of cryptocurrencies owners from everywhere.

The crypto loan industry made its revolution with a total of “active debt” up to 474% in 2019, thanks to the newcomers, as well as the new products and technologies launched over the year, bringing new money into the whole industry.

Key numbers of the industry

Being quite a new industry by itself, here are the essential cumulative numbers of the crypto lending business in 2019 vs 2018.

  • “Loans Originated” have grown of 700% in value over 2019 to reach USD 8 billion, bring along the rise of “Collateral Deposited: USD 13.5 billion (+ 800%).
  • We have seen “Active Debt” reaching USD 1.568 million (+ 474%), and “Active Collateral” up to USD 2.919 million (+ 323%)
  • And, finally, the whole “Interest Generated” over 2019 reached a great USD 64 million (+ 541%).

When looking at loans themselves, it is interesting to see that in 2019, the industry made:

  • Over 48.900 crypto loans for a total value of USD 696 million
  • The average loan/credit was slightly over USD 14.000/loan
  • For an average interest rate of less than 3%
Nebeus loan to wait for your crypto rate to get higher

With Nebeus, crypto owners can finally have access to the best way to get and pay a loan in bitcoins without the need for a third party.

Cryptocurrencies are fluctuating and are subject to variations. But Nebeus users can now beat the game by changing the play and manage to keep their BTC while the rate is getting higher.

Why should users sell their promising cryptos (even if this is not a large amount) when you bought them for a higher rate? Nebeus new loan terms are the solution chosen by plenty of different users’ profiles to protect their investment.

Nebeus loan to increase users’ digital assets

Once people start owning cryptocurrencies, they finally realise the fantastic amount of opportunities to control and grow their assets.

With Nebeus crypto loans, the clients can now quickly increase the volume of their digital assets even without funds available. It is easy, safe and simple:

  1. Get the Nebeus loan
  2. Receive a line of credit within seconds
  3. Transfer and deposit the fund to your card
  4. Buy new cryptocurrencies and grow your assets
Nebeus loan for all users

With such a simplicity to get and with the safety of a recognised financial institution such as Nebeus, these new loan terms are finally helping all types of users to develop their assets even if they lack funds.

Focused on offering the best solutions, Nebeus has also decided to lower its interest rates on loans to support its professional and individual clients.

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