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Nebeus Radically Lowered the Interest Rate on Bitcoin Loans


Nebeus, the leading financial structure for projects mixing cryptocurrencies, blockchain and traditional currencies, is asserting its position on the cryptocurrency market with its new loan terms.

Focused on offering the best solutions, and aimed at both professionals and individuals, Nebeus is updating its bitcoin loan, ethereum loan and eur loan package and provide new terms and conditions that understand the users’ needs as well as the market requirements.

Modern Bitcoin loans or Ethereum loans with Nebeus

Do you need an instant bitcoin loan? Are you looking to invest your bitcoins to earn interest? Do you want to borrow money? With the new Nebeus loan terms, you finally have the right place that is relevant and interesting, offering Bitcoin loans.

Best terms and conditions with the new Nebeus loans

To better understand what is hidden behind the term crypto-loan and what is its interest for both individuals and professionals, here are the new terms linked to the Nebeus loan:

1. With an interest rate on loan at only 6.12%, Nebeus is now offering the lowest rate on the market (at the same level than any regular European bank)

2. When applying to a Nebeus loan, the user receives 85% of the value of the assets. Nebeus only discount the pledge by 15%, which is a minimal amount.

3. The user can then directly withdraw the funds sent to a bank card in any country in the world, thanks to Nebeus’ cryptocurrency financial structure and system.

NEBEUS: the fastest and simplest loans all around the world!

Our new loans are also bringing a whole new set of benefits for the users:
Fast: with the new NEBEUS loan terms you can receive the money within 2 to 5 minutes after applying to Nebeus services
Simple: your NEBEUS loan is directly credited to the user’s bank card
Low-interest rate: the best offer on the market.
Top efficiency: Nebeus offers a “loan-to-value” of 85% in the market.
Worldwide: Nebeus loans are available in any country so you can get the best loan deals; eg.: a user from Latin America can get a loan with a low-interest rate as found in Europe.
Easy: no paperwork and no documents required to apply for your loan
For all pockets: Nebeus loan start with loan amount as low as 60 Euro.
Automatic conversion to currency: we can issue a loan in Euro, but the money transferred to the user’s card is done in the currency of the card.

The new Nebeus loan: A solution for everyone

We are now offering the best solution for individuals and professionals to apply for a loan with Nebeus.

It is fast, simple, efficient, easy and designed to fit all needs.

1. As Bitcoin is growing exponentially, the most advised users want to buy more Bitcoins … but what if you do not have enough funds. Use the crypto you already have to finance yourself and buy more bitcoins. Receive liquidity from our new Nebeus loan.

2. You need cash flow urgently, but you do not want to sell your cryptocurrency?
No worries, Nebeus is by your side with our new loan terms.

3. Your Bitcoin investment was not successful? You bought at a higher price than it is now?
No need to sell now and hit a loss … receive liquidity from Nebeus now and wait for the crypto market to evolve.


For more information, please contact our Nebeus team!
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