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How to get a Instant Crypto loan from Nebeus

For five years #Nebeus has been helping users to get hold of funds when they are in a time of need so, if you need cash, urgently or not, Nebeus is the service to choose. Besides getting your money in euros, your collateral is also secured, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything. Here is how you can get a loan from Nebeus:

You can start borrowing from 250 euros, which is a very good option for emergencies, considering that the value to loan would be of 72%. You than will be presented with rates from 6,12% to 10,55% (please note that the standard rate is 10,55% and the lowest rate of 6,12% is only available on special conditions). The great thing about the rates that #Nebeus establishes is that they are fixed for the entire duration of the loan which means that you won’t need to adjust your money management throughout the loan. The terms for the loan can go from 3 months up to 36 months and you can pledge currency in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Having said that, we can see that Nebeus loans are very straightforward and simple to obtain. This gives you the feeling of security of your money and the assurance that you can turn to Nebeus when it comes to helping you with financial emergencies.


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