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NEBEUS: Transfer your Cryptocurrency money directly to your Bank card

As our lifestyle and habits are changing, the banking world is slowly trying to catch back on the new technologies, but also on the exponential rise of the crypto-currencies and the modern trade for regular clients such as you and me.

Nowadays, we all get to catch and save some Bitcoins and Ethereum, but the regular bank institutions are still far behind in terms of setting up the services we need to fit with our crypto-currencies.

However, some of the new, yet impressively efficient crypto-banks such as Nebeus, make euros and bitcoins finally coexist easy and convenient ways for us; and this truly revolutionary service of instant transfer from your BTC & ETH to your bank card is the proof of the continuous developments of Nebeus crypto-banking solutions for its customers.

Nebeus: Crypto-bank services| Euros | BTC and ETH

#Nebeus was first set up and launched in 2014 in the UK, with the ability to make euro loans against crypto-currency as collateral. It was already a revolution in the modern banking services while combining traditional currencies, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, that were coming onto the market … and Nebeus did it well, as they were aiming at both professionals and individuals; to become one of the leaders of modern cryptocurrency banking services.

Nebeus’s instant transfers from your BTC & ETH to your bank card

The #Nebeus team developed a unique way to manage, exchange and transfer your BTC and ETH, to be able to withdraw the money in euros within a couple of minutes only.

With its impressive global coverage, Nebeus created a useful and well-needed service that allows us to exchange our cryptocurrencies to Euros, before sending it right away to our bank card just in a couple of clicks and less than 2 minutes process time.

This new crypto to euros instant transfer service is also already available in over 80 countries and the whole procedure is simple, as a no matter what, this instant transfer is processed in only several seconds, and the amount will be automatically converted to the currency used on your card.

But Nebeus didn’t stop here … the crypto-bank is also offering great exchange rates for your BTC and ETH, low fees, and unique borderless instant transfer that will finally simply our modern banking services and daily life.

To benefit of this new Nebeus cryptocurrency bank service, only minimum information is required, as you will only need the card number and receiver’s name to do this instant transfer from BTC or ETH to the bank card, and this for over 80 countries around the world

Modern crypto-banking with Nebeus

Nebeus is a modern crypto-bank that managed to become one of the top leading banking institutions; and, as its name suggests, it offers the particularity to deal with both classic financial products in fiat currency, such as euro and cryptocurrencies.

Being a Nebeus member means that, as a customer of this crypto-bank, you can both pay in euros and bitcoins via your current account and bank card.

As a leading developer of banking services and cryptocurrency, Nebeus is aiming to find and set up the best solutions for both individuals and professionals with adapted solutions in the world crypto-currencies using crypto services like trading, asset management, storage, and now instant transfers.

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