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Nebeus Crypto loan

With Nebeus loan, you can finally make your loans in euros, and other currencies, while using your #cryptocurrencies.

Nebeus is a top banking institution whose particularity is to offer both classic financial products in fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. For example, as a customer of Nebeus #crypto-bank, you can both pay in euros and bitcoins through your #Nebeus accounts.

How does it work at Nebeus?

To allow transactions in crypto-currencies, it is necessary to integrate a blockchain layer between the banking system and the blockchains supported by the crypto-bank; with Nebeus we are looking at Bitcoin and Ethereum as key crypto currencies.

Today, traditional banks do not have systems adapted to the exchange or loan of cryptocurrencies, and for a good reason, as cryptos have many differences with the fiat. Nebeus loans solutions are safe and easy options.

In fact, with your custom #Nebeus loan, your loan is being nominated in euros, Nebeus is also setting up a fixed rate for the duration of your loan, and your collateral is being safely protected by well=known custodians or in Nebeus’ Cold Storage, depending on the amount.

Register now for free, in less than 2 minutes, and create your personal loan from 1 to 24 months.


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