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Nebeus Instant Crypto loan

Financial services from your crypto-bank are made easy with Nebeus’ crypto-loans. Using the blockchain to improve traditional banking services, Nebeus’ loans made it possible by its crypto-loan platform.

Nebeus gives you loans when you offer your cryptocurrencies as collateral. By repaying your loan and your interest, Nebeus give you back your cryptographic holdings.

Besides, Nebeus’ crypto-loans have proven to be an effective method for exchanging crypto to transactions, even more with a crypto-market which much handles with volatility.

With your Nebeus loan, there are no worries about the Bitcoin rate. Here, your loan is nominated in euros, and a fixed rate is applied for the whole length of your loan, making your collateral securely stored.

A crypto-loan with Nebeus is simple and easy:

If you need cash urgently, Nebeus is offering crypto loans from 250 euros. Nebeus crypto-loan is free to register, it takes only 2 minutes, you can deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is no credit check or specific country you must come from to apply, you can choose your loan request from 1 to 24 months, and you get cash immediately.

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