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Top 10 Bitcoin Loan and Crypto Borrowing websites

Nebeus is a cryptocurrency platform for P2P banking services with the capabilities of cryptocurrency and standard banking services, which allows customers to purchase, sell, store, transfer, lend and borrow funds in cryptocurrency. Nebeus today is already a successfully operating credit and trading platform with a multi-cryptocurrency wallet.

Within the platform, there are many personalized solutions for both individuals and legal entities. This includes your own wallet, which allows making various payments and carrying out the whole range of cryptocurrency operations, including the possibility of issuing P2P loans in cryptocurrency. Nebeus also has a trading platform with the option of trading, buying, and selling various cryptocurrencies, issuing debit and credit cards linked to an account. So holders can receive loans instantly and have instant access to funds.

It plans to add many other features, such as additional cold storage, creating multi-signature wallets, making regular payments,  the possibility of mass payments, smart contracts, and many other useful options, which you can learn about in the white paper of the project. The Nebeus team is committed to developing a full-scale, blockchain-based, crypto financial ecosystem that will allow participants to create and consume financial products and services in a safe and user-friendly environment. The implementation of all the above plans of the founders of Nebeus will be possible thanks to the sales of shares in the company mechanism. By attracting external funding, a foundation is created for the intensive growth of the platform’s capabilities.

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