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Crypto Bank Nebeus Launches API to Provide Third Parties

With a Platform to Create Value-Added Solutions

March 17, 2018 — London – Crypto bank Nebeus, a peer-to-peer exchange platform which offers crypto-collateral loans backed by Bitcoin and Ethereum, has launched its Application Programming Interface (API) to enable third-party developers to create value-added services for the crypto ecosystem based on their platform.

“Utilising our API, SDK, and a library of smart contracts we are aiming to provide developers tools enabling them to create value-added solutions on top of our platform,” said Konstantin Zaripov, Nebeus Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Our services will meet all required regulations, and where we will sense a need for exceeding regulators’ requirements, we will employ the necessary additional internal regulations to ensure the stability of the ecosystem, and safety of all participants.”

The API will empower developers to create a range of products and services for the blockchain ecosystem. These may be as varied as a pension scheme, insurance services, ESCROW providers, or any other financial services which may be required in the crypto ecosystem. Furthermore, a rating system will be in place wherein all products and services will be rated by other parties, incentivizing developers to provide the best and fairest services and products.

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