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Cryptocurrency platform Nebeus opens up access to crypto-finance for the African regions

African regions have leapfrogged many developed countries by introducing mobile banking to the mass market. The success of M-Pesa and many other digital payment platforms from the African regions have been considered as a benchmark by many academics and businesses around the world.

Starting from today, residents of Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa can have full access to the suite of Nebeus services. Customers from these countries will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, have access to crypto-collateral loans, crypto remittance and many other benefits which come hand in hand with access to the world of crypto finance.  

An established network of local payment methods varying from M-Pesa in Kenya, to Verve in Nigeria, will provide access to crypto finance for a population in excess of 440 million people. Remittance into  an African region plays a significant role in the its economy. According to a study by The World Bank, “African countries are estimated to have received $40 billion in officially recorded flows in 2010, but the true size is believed to be far larger”. The goal for Nebeus is to become the last mile solution provider for this pivotal part of the African economy.

Nebeus’ Director of Communications Alex Lempka comments: “Cryptocurrencies have a potential to make a significant impact on developing countries in many ways by providing a bridge into the global economy. Nebeus is looking forward to playing a major role in that by providing necessary infrastructure for all participants”.

About Nebeus

Nebeus provides crypto collateral loans, serves as a P2P exchange platform and features a user-friendly bitcoin wallet. The Nebeus trading system allows users to buy and sell bitcoin with favourable exchange rates and instant deposits into their accounts. The Nebeus platform was first developed in 2014 with the goal of delivering a convenient, low-cost and highly efficient service that met the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. Nebeus is a Level 39 member and portfolio company based in London.

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